Thursday, December 31, 2009


I love the coincidence that Zelph appears as Zelf in Dr. Seuss's nonsense story A Wocket in my Pocket.

"And that Zelf up on the shelf, I have talked to her myself."

Zelph, for the unaware, was the name Joseph Smith gave to a skeleton he found in Southern Illinois, claiming the remains belonged to one Zelph, a Lamanite warrior.

I find it implausible that the skeleton belonged to a Lamanite and not just because I don't believe the Lamanites ever existed except in JS's imagination.

Has more excavation been done to see if there are other Lamanites buried there?

What are the odds of JS finding the remains of a Book of Mormon character at a random site? Probably about the same as him finding papyri written by the hand of Abraham. Which is to say, slim to none.

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