Sunday, August 2, 2009


Among other words, the Tetragrammaton appeared on a cup of some kind (it was thought to be priestly) recently discovered in the Old City of Jerusalem. It is thought to be 2,000 years old.

Once again it gave me reason to pause and marvel at such a wonderful find (I get a real charge out of history you can stare in the face) as well as have reconfirmed the implausibility of JS finding a complete ancient book of records near his home in New York. Especially one that had so much to say about the ministry of Jesus Christ and not YHWH or some other ancient deity.

Has there been a strong argument put forth why Jesus didn't mind being called Jehovah when recent scholarship has shown his name was probably Yahweh? Something besides "Well, that's the learning JS had at the time." Surely JC would correct his name...


  1. There are plenty of scriptural references in the KJV to Christ being Jehovah.

    And where is this 'recent scholarship'?

    "Before Abraham was, I am"
    "Beside me there is no Savior"
    The list goes on...

    I don't see anything implausible about someone finding ancient records in a place such as Palmyra. Surely interesting finds of antiquity have been found in places in the U.S. ?

  2. Thanks for the comment. Sorry to quibble, but quoting the bible to back up the bible does not quite pass muster for me. It is begging the question.

    Surely interesting, ancient finds have been found everywhere, but such a rare find as a complete, sacred, ancient text (especially one that no one else has heard or found trace of) seems implausible.